What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage?

What Episode Does Naruto Become Hokage? In Naruto, the story of a young ninja who desires to become the strongest leader in the world, there are many moments that viewers can speculate about and discuss. This is especially true for those who are familiar with the manga and anime series, as there are often small changes made between the Japanese and English versions of the show. In this article, we will be discussing one such change – what episode does Naruto become Hokage?

What is the Kyuubi?

The Kyuubi is a nine-tailed fox that was sealed within Naruto Uzumaki. When Naruto was five years old, the demon fox attacked and tried to take over his body. Fortunately, Choji and Inoichi came to Naruto’s aid and sealed the Kyuubi inside of Naruto. This event marked the beginning of Naruto’s journey to become the Hokage, or leader of the village.

In order to achieve this goal, Naruto must first defeat the Nine-Tails Demon Fox. Only then will he be able to protect the village from its evil intentions.

How Naruto became the 9th Hokage

Naruto became the th Hokage in an episode called ‘The Kage Summit’. This episode tells the story of how Naruto became the leader of the village Hidden Leaf and how he defeated the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

In this episode, Naruto’s mentor, Jiraya, tells him about the summit. The summit is a gathering of the five Kage (the leaders of each village) that will decide who will become the next Hokage. Jiraya tells Naruto that he is not ready to become the next Hokage and that he needs to train more first.

But Naruto is determined to become the next Hokage and sets out to train hard. He spends many months training under Jiraya and eventually becomes strong enough to compete in the summit.

At the summit, Naruto faces off against all of his rivals and eventually becomes the new th Hokage.

The Other Sannin

Naruto’s journey to become Hokage is an exciting one that most fans will never forget. With such a complicated plot, it can be difficult to keep track of all the happenings. This blog will help you follow Naruto’s journey step by step, episode by episode.

Episode 1: The Prologue
In this episode, we are introduced to Naruto and his friends as they leave their village to look for a new place to live. Sasuke is angry and bitter, while Sakura is hopeful and happy. They soon meet up with Hinata, who is shy but determined. The four of them form a team and set off into the world.

Episode 2: The Search for Friends
As they travel, Naruto and his friends run into trouble time and time again. They are initially rejected by everyone they meet because of Sasuke’s reputation, but they continue to search for a place to belong. In the end, they find themselves in Konoha, the home of the Leaf Village.

Episode 3: A New Life
After arriving in Konoha, Naruto begins his training to become Hokage. He faces many challenges along the way, including becoming strong enough to defeat Sasuke.

The Search for the 8-Tails Beast

Naruto has been a popular manga and anime series for over 20 years now. The story follows the adventures of Naruto, a young ninja who wants to become the Hokage, the leader of his village.

One of the most important episodes in the series is episode 686, known as the Search for the -Tails Beast. In this episode, Naruto finally captures the -Tails Beast, a powerful creature that is said to be able to grant anyone unlimited power.

The Search for the -Tails Beast is an important episode in Naruto because it marks the beginning of Naruto’s journey to become the Hokage. This episode also sets up many of the plotlines that are used throughout the rest of the series.

The Battle at the Valley of the End

Naruto becomes Hokage on the night of the Ch┼źnin Exams after defeating Gaara in a battle that lasted for days. After the battle, Naruto is exhausted and has no choice but to use the Nine-Tails’ power to end it quickly. However, the experience leaves Naruto with a new understanding and awareness of his own power.

Gaara’s Invitation

Naruto is the most popular anime in the world and there are many fan theories about how and why he became Hokage. In one of the most popular fan theories, Naruto becomes Hokage because he is invited to become Hokage by Gaara. This theory is based on a scene in the episode “Sasuke Retrieval Arc.” In this scene, Naruto and Sasuke are fighting each other and Gaara intervenes. Gaara tells them that they cannot fight anymore and then he tells Naruto that he wants him to be Hokage. Naruto is surprised and Gaara explains that he has been watching him since he was a child and knows that Naruto is the strongest person in the world. Naruto is hesitant at first, but then decides to accept Gaara’s invitation. This scene is significant because it shows that Naruto trusts Gaara and knows that he can trust him. Therefore, it makes sense why Gaara would want Naruto to be Hokage because he knows that Naruto will be a good leader.

The Promise from Iruka

In the manga and anime, Naruto becomes Hokage on the night of the winter festival. In the anime, Iruka makes a promise to Naruto that he will become a great ninja like him. Naruto believed in Iruka’s promise and became a great ninja.

Tsunade Returns to Konoha

Tsunade returned to Konoha after many years of training with Jiraiya. She was hailed as the new Hokage and quickly set to work restoring order to the village. Her strict policies and cleanliness campaigns made her an unpopular figure, but she continued to do what she thought was best for her people.

Kakashi’s Wish

Kakashi wishes for a better sensei, one who can lead the team to victory. Naruto comes into the world and is determined to be the best. Kakashi finds himself in competition with Naruto for the affections of Jiraiya. In the end, Kakashi is able to pass on his wisdom to Naruto and they become friends.

Goodbye, Team 7

It’s goodbye, Team! In this final episode of Naruto, we see Naruto become Hokage. Here are all the details on what happens in this exciting episode.

In the beginning of the episode, Naruto is training with Jiraiya when he is interrupt by a messenger from the Fire Lord. The Fire Lord wants Naruto to come and speak to him immediately.

When Naruto arrives at the Fire Lord’s palace, he finds out that the Fire Nation is in trouble. The water resources are running low, and the Fire Lord has no choice but to summon Naruto to help solve the problem.

Naruto soon discovers that the Watermill Village is stealing water from the river to supply their own village. He goes to confront them, but they refuse to stop stealing water. So, Naruto decides to blockade the watermill village with his team of shinobi.

This strategy works for a while, but eventually the Watermill Village reinforcements arrive. In a battle that lasts for hours, Naruto and his team manage to defeat all of their enemies.

Finally, after years of training, Naruto becomes Hokage! This final episode of Naruto is sure to please fans of the manga and anime series alike.

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