What Happened with Ronald Poppo, And What He Looks Like Now?


It’s been over five years since Ronald Poppo was attacked by a crazed man on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, and his story has resurfaced recently in light of the documentary film “Bodycam.” In this article, we’ll take a look at what happened to Poppo after that fateful day, and how he looks now.

Poppo was left blind and disfigured after the attack, in which he sustained 75% of his face being eaten. He underwent multiple surgeries to reconstruct his face, but his eyes could not be saved. He now lives in a long-term care facility in Miami, where he is reportedly doing well.

In 2017, Poppo gave an interview to the Miami Herald, in which he spoke about his attacker, Rudy Eugene. He said that he forgives Eugene and that he hopes people will remember him for more than just the attack.

“I don’t hate him,” Poppo said of Eugene. “He didn’t know what he was doing … I would like for him to be remembered as a human being.”

Poppo also spoke about how the attack has changed his life, saying “It’s a new life. It’s not much different from the old life except that I can’t see.”

What happened to Ronald Poppo?

On May 26, 2012, Ronald Poppo was savagely attacked by a naked man on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, Florida. The attacker, later identified as Rudy Eugene, bit off most of Poppo’s face before being shot and killed by police. Poppo survived the attack but was left disfigured and blind.

In the years since the attack, Poppo has undergone extensive reconstructive surgery. His face has been rebuilt using skin grafts, and he has regained partial sight in one eye. He now lives in an assisted living facility in Miami, where he is cared for by a team of nurses and doctors.

Despite his tragic story, Poppo remains upbeat and positive. In an interview with the Miami Herald, he said that he is “happy to be alive” and that he has “no complaints”.

How did he cope with what happened to him?

In the aftermath of the attack, Ronald Poppo underwent extensive reconstructive surgery. He spent months in the hospital recovering from his injuries and has since been released.

Poppo has remained remarkably positive and upbeat despite what happened to him. In an interview, he said, “I’m alive, I’m happy.” He has also said that he bears no ill will towards his attacker, and even forgives him.

Poppo’s story is an inspiration to man and a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.
In the years since the attack, Poppo has made great strides in his recovery. He has undergone extensive reconstructive surgery and is now able to walk and talk. He continues to receive treatment and therapy, but his progress is an amazing testament to the human spirit.

What does he look like now?

Ronald Poppo was left disfigured after a horrific attack by a crazed man eating another human’s face. His eyes were gouged out, his nose was bitten off, and much of the skin on his face was stripped away. He underwent multiple surgeries to try to repair the damage, but he will never look the same. In spite of his injuries, Poppo is remarkably upbeat and has even been known to crack jokes with his doctors. He is an inspiration to many who have faced similar challenges in their lives.


Ronald Poppo underwent a remarkable transformation after his 2012 encounter with “the Miami Cannibal.” Thanks to the skilled surgeons at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Poppo now has a new face and a new lease on life. He is an inspiration to us all, and proof that even the most difficult situations can be overcome with determination and the help of others.

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