Lauren Witzke: The Female Entrepreneur You Should Know

Lauren Witzke is a force to be reckoned with. The 28-year-old entrepreneur is the founder of two successful businesses: a luxury skincare line and a fashion line. Witzke is a self-made woman who has overcome many challenges in her life, including abuse and addiction. She is now sober and using her platform to help other women achieve their dreams. In this blog post, we will explore Lauren Witzke’s story and why she is an entrepreneur you should know.

Who is Lauren Witzke?

Lauren Witzke is the founder and CEO of The Style Club, a women’s fashion subscription service. She’s also a former model and has been feature in magazines like Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour.

Born and raised in Delaware, Lauren always had a passion for fashion. After graduating from college, she moved to New York City to pursue modeling. While her career took off, she realized that there was a lack of affordable and stylish clothing options for women her size. So she decided to do something about it.

In 2015, Lauren launched The Style Club. The company offers a monthly subscription service that delivers trendy clothes to its members at an affordable price. With The Style Club, Lauren is on a mission to help every woman feel confident and stylish without breaking the bank.

So far, her business is thriving. The Style Club has been feature in major publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Cosmopolitan. And Lauren was recently name one of Inc.’s “30 Under 30” entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2017.

What is the nature of Lauren’s business?

Lauren Witzke is the CEO and founder of The Balanced Life, a wellness company that provides online fitness and nutrition programs, one-on-one health coaching, and group fitness classes.

The Balanced Life was create to help women live healthier, more balance lives. Lauren is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, and she has a passion for helping women reach their health and fitness goals.

The company offers a variety of services that are design to help women achieve their desire level of health and fitness. The online fitness and nutrition programs are customize to each individual’s needs, and the one-on-one health coaching provides support and accountability throughout the journey.

The group fitness classes are a great way to get start on your wellness journey, or to maintain your healthy lifestyle. The classes are taught by certified instructors, and they offer a supportive environment where you can learn new techniques and make progress toward your goals.

What are some of Lauren’s notable accomplishments?

Some of Lauren Witzke’s notable accomplishments include:

-Founded her own social media marketing agency, The Social Method, in 2016

-Grew The Social Method to a multi-million dollar business in just 2 years

-Was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Marketing & Advertising in 2018

-Named one of Inc.’s 35 Under 35 Coolest Entrepreneurs of 2019

How has Lauren been able to achieve success?

Lauren Witzke is the definition of a go-getter.

She’s a self-made woman who has achieved success through hard work, dedication, and determination.

So, how has Lauren been able to achieve success?

For starters, she’s always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Even as a child, she was always coming up with new business ideas and looking for ways to make money.

This led her to start her first business at the age of just 17 – an online retail store called Trendy Girlz. The business was a huge success, and it gave Lauren the confidence and experience she needed to pursue other ventures.

Since then, Lauren has gone on to launch several other businesses, including a successful fashion blog and an online course teaching people how to start their own online stores. She’s also written two books: “How to Be a Fashion Blogger” and “How to Start Your Own Online Store”.

In addition to her businesses, Lauren is also passionate about philanthropy and giving back to the community. She’s involved with several charities and has even started her own foundation called The Wishlist Foundation, which helps women in need get access to essential items like clothing, hygiene products, and school supplies.

All of this goes to show that Lauren is a truly inspiring woman who has been able to achieve success in both her personal and professional life. She’s a great role model for anyone who is looking to start their own business or make a difference in the world.


Lauren Witzke is a successful female entrepreneur who has built a strong online presence and brand. She is an excellent role model for other women looking to start their own businesses, and she has shown that it is possible to be successful while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If you are inspire by Lauren’s story and are looking for advice on how to start your own business, be sure to check out her website and blog for more information.

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