Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington Has A Dream

Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington, better known as “KK” to her friends, is a senior at Mount Vernon High School. When she’s not busy with schoolwork or hanging out with her friends, she likes to write. And she has a dream – to one day see her name in print on the cover of a bestselling novel.

Introducing Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington

Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington is a senior at Howard University and the recipient of the 2015 Gates Millennium Scholarship. She plans to use her education to pursue a career in public health and give back to her community.

In her own words:

“I am Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington and I have a dream. A dream that one day I will be able to help others achieve their dreams as well.

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up, I saw firsthand the effects that poor health can have on a community. This inspired me to pursue a career in public health, so that I can help make a difference in the lives of others.

I am currently a senior at Howard University, and I am so grateful to have been award the Gates Millennium Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to continue my education and pursue my dream of helping others.

I believe that education is the key to success. With an education, we have the power to change our lives and the world around us. I am proof of this, and I am dedicate to using my education to make a positive impact in my community and beyond.”

What is Kilgo-Washington’s dream?

What does it mean to have a dream? For Kilgo-Washington, it means having a vision for the future and working hard to make that vision a reality.

Kilgo-Washington is a young African-American woman who is passionate about education and empowering her community. She is currently working towards her degree in Education Policy and has a specific interest in educational equity.

For Kilgo-Washington, part of achieving educational equity is ensuring that all students have access to quality education. But she also knows that education alone is not enough – we must also create opportunities for young people to succeed outside of the classroom. That’s why she’s interest in working on policies that promote workforce development and economic growth in underserve communities.

Ultimately, Kilgo-Washington’s dream is to see her community – and all communities – thrive. She knows that this won’t be easy, but she’s willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.

How has Kilgo-Washington worked to achieve her dream?

Since Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington was a little girl, she’s dream of becoming a doctor. It’s a dream that she’s worked hard to make a reality, and now she’s on her way to making it come true.

Kilgo-Washington is currently a pre-med student at Howard University, and she’s already made an impact in the medical field. She’s volunteered at hospitals and worked with patients, all while maintaining excellent grades. She knows that becoming a doctor won’t be easy, but she’s prepared to put in the work to make her dream come true.

It’s clear that Kilgo-Washington has a passion for helping others, and she’s determined to make her dream of becoming a doctor a reality. We can’t wait to see what she achieves in the future!

What obstacles has Kilgo-Washington faced in achieving her dream?

Since starting her journey towards becoming a professional singer, Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington has faced plenty of obstacles. For one, the music industry is notoriously difficult to break into. Even with her talent and determination, it’s been a challenge for Kilgo-Washington to get noticed by the right people.

In addition, Kilgo-Washington has had to deal with self-doubt and impostor syndrome. She’s often felt like she doesn’t deserve success or that she’s not good enough. These negative thoughts can be tough to overcome, but Kilgo-Washington is slowly learning to silence them.

Despite the challenges, Kilgo-Washington remains focused on achieving her dream of becoming a professional singer. She knows that it won’t be easy, but she’s willing to put in the hard work required to make her dream a reality.

What have been the biggest successes in Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington’s journey so far?

Since Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington began blogging in 2016, she has built up a large and devoted following. Her blog, which focuses on personal growth and development, has helped her readers to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Kiara’s hard work has paid off, and her blog is now one of the most popular personal development blogs on the internet. Here are some of her biggest successes so far:

1. Helping her readers to find their purpose in life

2. Encouraging her readers to pursue their dreams

3. Helping her readers to overcome self-doubt and negativity

4. Inspiring her readers to make positive changes in their lives

5. Helping her readers to find happiness and fulfillment


Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington is an amazing young woman with a dream. She wants to be the first in her family to graduate from college and she is determined to make it happen. We are so inspired by her story and we know that she will achieve her goals. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and we know that she will continue to inspire others with her drive and determination.

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