Jake Paul Net Worth

The Net Worth of Jake Paul

Jake Paul Net Worth

When we talk about the Net Worth of Jake Paul, it’s important to note that he is a YouTuber, Boxer, and Social media influencer. But, how much do his other talents add up to? Below we’ve discussed his career, education, and net worth. Jake Paul is a YouTuber, Actor, Social media influencer, and Boxer, and his net worth has grown accordingly. While the sum of his earnings may not seem like a lot, these are all important parts of his net worth.


You may not be familiar with Jake Joseph Paul but he is a popular social media personality and a professional boxer. He rose to fame as Vine’s “Jake Paul.” He is also a star of the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark as the character Dirk Mann. The video game player and YouTube star has more than a dozen million subscribers and over six million video views. Despite his popularity, he has yet to make a movie or a feature film.

As an early YouTuber, Jake Paul starred in the video app Vine before moving to YouTube and earning over 20 million subscribers. In February 2019, he appeared to be married to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau, but the marriage turned out to be a hoax. On Wednesday, the FBI raided Jake Paul’s Calabasas mansion to investigate possible criminal acts. While he is not expected to face any jail time, he may have been involved in a riot after the death of his friend, George Floyd.

In April 2018, Paul began dating American model Erika Costell. In November, he split from her and began dating Tana Mongeau, a fellow YouTuber and internet personality. The pair joked about getting engaged in July. In February and January, Paul dated Julia Rose. Their relationship lasted for four months before it ended. Jake Paul has a YouTube channel with more than 20 million subscribers. But he hasn’t been without scandals.


Logan Paul and Jake are two of the world’s most famous YouTube personalities. While they are brothers who were once involved in boxing, Jake Paul has turned into a successful social media personality. While Logan started off on the Vine app, he later made the transition to YouTube. Today, he has three YouTube channels, one of which has more than 23.2 million subscribers and more than five billion views. Jake Paul’s net worth is considerably higher than Logan’s, and both brothers have more than $50 million in net worth.

The internet has provided the media with the tools to discover Jake Paul’s net worth and track his success. Although he’s a YouTube sensation, his past is tainted by controversy. However, this controversy hasn’t stopped him from using bad publicity to build his brand. Jake Paul is a master of using criticism to his advantage. Although only twenty-four years old, Jake Paul has already earned a huge amount of money and is well on his way to a high net worth.

In August 2018, Paul released his single ‘Champion’, a diss track about his former boxing opponent Deji Oltanuji. Paul later went on a tour with his band Team 10 and released the singles ‘I’m Single’ and ‘These Days’. He also played a role in ‘Airplane Mode’. The YouTube star is also a father of three.

Social media influencer

Jake Paul is a social media influencer who has put Snapchat on its naughty step. With impunity, Paul has used his social media presence to put the multi-billion dollar brand on its toes. The social media influencer has never been more powerful. Here are his key social media tactics. And watch out for the witty commentary that follows. Jake Paul is a social media influencer, and you should be too.

Team 10 members revealed that Mr. Paul often engaged in pranks, such as chainsawing his bedroom door. One team member described how Paul once broke into a friend’s home and destroyed his desk for a YouTube video. Although Paul would not comment on the content of the videos, he was recently sued for hearing loss following a video he made while blaring his car horn. The lawsuit was later dismissed, but the incident sparked a flurry of controversy.

Since the death of YouTube, Paul has found a new platform to continue growing his audience. He has teamed up with a Chinese investment firm, TeamDom, to build an official company for the crew of Team 10. The company describes itself as a “social media incubator” and says it has raised $1 million to help budding influencers grow their audiences. Its portfolio has seven billion views and is growing by over four million viewers a month.


While you might not be thinking Jake Paul is a boxer, he’s doing just that. As a boxing trainer, he’s making the sport more accessible to the masses, something it’s badly needed right now. Without an enthusiastic audience, boxing will eventually die. Luckily, Paul is making sure that people do watch him fight. Below is a look at the man behind the gloves.

First, it’s worth noting that Paul has been busy. In December, he was scheduled to fight Tommy Fury, the younger brother of lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. However, Fury had to withdraw from the fight because of an injury. Regardless, he’s reportedly planning a comeback fight on April 23 on the undercard of Fury’s title defense. That means that Paul could be called for a fight in the summer. However, he’s a renowned alcoholic, and he’s been accused of being involved in many drug-related incidents.

While Paul’s brash personality might make him the target of cynics, he doesn’t really care. He expects his fights to become bigger and tougher as time goes on. He expects to face adversity inside the ring, and he isn’t afraid to get knocked down. Whether he fights his way out or gets knocked down, he’s still going to keep fighting and prove his critics wrong.

Owner of luxury cars

It’s no secret that Jake Paul owns several luxurious vehicles. These include a Lamborghini Huracan which he purchased for $750,000, a Porsche Panamera, a Bugatti Divo, and a BMW Z4 which costs around $150,000. However, it’s not always clear how much money he spends on each of his vehicles. In addition to these vehicles, Paul also owns a Toyota Tacoma, a Tesla Model X, and a Ford Focus RS, which he nicknames “Rainbro.”

While many people don’t have the money to spend on a custom car, Jake Paul is certainly an exception. His latest vehicle, a PS14,000 Tesla Model S, has been wrapped with a rainbow-colored body wrap. Although it’s not a very eye-catching model, Paul’s car is a great example of a high-end luxury vehicle. Jake Paul’s car collection is also impressive. He reportedly owns four different Cadillacs.

In 2017, Jake Paul bought a Lamborghini Huracan for PS165,000, which he described as “absolutely stunning”. Although he was previously known to own a red Dodge Challenger, he recently purchased a new Lamborghini Huracan for about PS165,000. Jake Paul posted an emotional video about his new purchase. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining car, you should check out Jake Paul’s collection of luxury vehicles.

Gifts to Tana Mongeau

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are engaged! The YouTube star revealed the ring in a video posted to his Instagram stories. Before proposing, Paul had gifted Mongeau a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. And earlier this month, he took her for a drive in his Tesla Model S. The actress, who has no driver’s license, revealed that she didn’t have a learner’s permit in the video, but hasn’t confirmed it.

Their engagement was announced on the night of her 21st birthday, and the couple has been working hard to prove their relationship to fans. However, there are still doubts about the reality of their relationship, and many people are unsure if the pair are serious or not. This is because of Jake’s inability to keep up with Tana’s constant posts on his social media pages. Jake and Tana are now engaged.

The relationship has been a controversial one since the pair announced their alleged engagement after only two months of dating. While Jake had “faked” a major wedding gift for Tana Mongeau, the singer made no secret of her biggest birthday wish. She asked her fans to tweet at her boyfriend to persuade him to buy her a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, which is priced at more than $124,000!

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